Reamp with Laser Cannon Bass Distortion & Fuzz


This is a 3 minute quick walk through of the switches and knobs on the Daring Audio Laser Cannon, the first few seconds have the pedal switched off. The playing is a simple bass riff that repeats so you can hear the variation in tone settings. You see all the knob position, footswitch changes and toggle switch position changes, so in theory they don’t need to be described. I have actually not seen another pedal demo like this, but I assume they exist. No words, no people, no instrument, no amps. Just the Laser Cannon Bass Distortion/Fuzz pedal and my fingers moving the knobs. I figured that if the sound quality was good enough, and you can see the knob movements, than the need for explanation should go away. In this demo, I used a TRS insert cable from balanced channel out from the recording interface (Protools Digirack 2) at line level; run it into the Laser Cannon (with 9db PAD on to bring the signal in range for Pedal) and adjust the controls and raise the output volume to get back to line level output which flows back into Protools. The high headroom, deep PAD cut, and high gain boost +12dB allow this configuration to work easily enabling re-amping. The headphone output from Digirack was taken as the line in to Zoom Q3HD handheld video camera. The output file (AAC/320Kpbs) was then uploaded straight into youtube. The bass is a MTD active bass, recorded dry on to a track within protools.

Here is the controls description from the Laser Cannon product page. ,

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