The particle beam is a great versatile overdrive device. Love it. Check out my Youtube video on “Daring Audio Particle Beam”


Phat Beam Dynamics Processor: I Love it. I am completely thrilled with my purchase! I was net oust after my disappointment with the m******* unit, but that was quickly replaced with the sound and ease of use with the phat beam.

Shawn Tarnoczy
Bass Professional

Firstly, let me say that I’ve been putting the pedal through its paces all day and I am very impressed, this new version is exactly what i hoped it would be. The included sticker and product card are also a nice touch, I’ll definitely hang on to those.
The Phat Beam really is a home-run, congratulations and thank you for the great pedal.
The manual looks great. The only suggestion I have is for a little more info on the VCA switch and how its function affects the blended signal.

Michael Ornelas
Bass Professional

You can dial in the sub dub effects like I wanted to achieve and was not sure how…. This puts me in a Bill Laswell frame of mind. Phat beam is……well Phat, useful and Fun…..

Joey Fabian
Joe Fabian Quartet, Barton Tyler Group (BTG), etc

The Edge Activator gives that funky sound and versatility for harmonic excitation. Its great…..

Marco Cortes
Bass Luthier, Custom designer, and inventor of FretGroove

The Daring Audio Particle Beam is an extremely flexible overdrive pedal that won’t be leaving my board anytime soon. With the combination of the CUT & BLEND knobs, I can get a sweet top end overdrive as well as retaining my big and clean bottom end tone.

Christopher Merrill
Pro Bassist

Did a recent comparison between the Daring Audio Overdrive pedal vs Soundblox Bass Distortion Pro. I must say that the Daring Audio pedals sounded really nice and full, without losing any of the low end. The design of the knobs were also very intuitive.

Reginald Khoo
Bass Freq

Kudos to the guys at Daring for creating a seriously cool and useful signal path pedal that adds a ton of great benefits and dose it without adding noise, and without thinning the existing tone. A problem commonly found when inserting poorly designed and manufactured pedals in between the bass and the amp. I look forward to checking out the other super cool pedals from Daring Audio. Based on the outstanding work they have done with the Edge Activator I have very high expectations for the others.

Andy Irvine
Youtube Videos

Allen Whiteman, Bass player with the Mermen, Joe Satriani,

“I don’t use pedals, but the Lazor Cannon is most versatile Bass overdrive I have every heard”

“This setting sounds like a Rickenbacher through an Alembic preamp”

Allen Whitman ,
Joe Satriani’s Bass Player

“Do people really need this much control and depth on a bass….”?

Gary Brawer
Brawer Guitar and Bass Repair