DA Phat Beam Cart Closeup 485X362 92DPI

Phat Beam


An advanced dynamics processor and tone shaping device with simple controls. It gives your tone a feel, depth and sustain that is clean yet powerful. The key to its magic is the interaction between the compressor and a potent filter that can be applied in a variety of ways. This pedal covers the transparent and easy–to-use compressor needs and then moves beyond that by allowing dual slope dynamics with an independent limiter and compressor, an adaptive RMS detector and an optional state variable filter. Unique clean, phat, funky tones

LEND – Sets the mixture from 100% clean to 100% wet signal.
SHAPE – Sets the cutoff frequency of the low-pass or high-pass filter.
LIM – Sets the independent limiter threshold.
COMP – Sets the compression ratio from 1:1 (no compression) to 15:1.
HIGH – Selects high-pass or  low-pass filter mode for the SHAPE control.
VCA – Selects the filter mode: either VCA (audio) path for radical tone shaping or sidechain for frequency dependent compression.
VOL – Sets the overall output volume of the blended signal. From off to +12dB boost.

Product Description

This product available with custom laser engraving on the front panel.  Purchase the additional item “Custom Laser Engraving in the Shop. And send an email to Sales@DaringAudio.com with text in the following format……


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