Laser Cannon HD


Dual switching Preamp in pedal format with Blendable Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz. Strikes the perfect balance of clean bass mixed with varying degrees of distortion for that two-track sound popular with studio engineers.From bite to grit to Dub sounds, to grind to fuzz and chaos in one box. You can get Geddy Lee, John Entwisle, Chris Squire sounds direct without amps. We use FET, Silicon or germanium diodes in the same box selectable for distinctive distortion textures. State of the art control for “constant volume continuous blend”. Newly voiced state-variable filters before and after the mode-selectable distortion circuit. You can achieve Ampeg Tube amp tone with this box. High density internal architecture using SMT for a “rack in an analog box”. Dual mode footswitch for Boost types in addition to noiseless True bypass footswitch. Hand made, top quality components, laser-etched indestructible cast aluminum box.

BLEND – Sets the mixture from 100% clean to 100% distorted signal.
POST-EQ – High-cut filter reduces upper harmonics for smoother distortion.
PRE-EQ– Sets hi-pass, low-pass or band bass center frequency.
DRIVE – Controls the amount of distortion from mild to scary thick.
FET, Si, Ge – Selects either FET,  silicon or germanium diodes for distinct distortion textures.
L, B, H – Switch for PRE-EQ as either Low pass, Band pass, or High Pass filter.
B, D – Switch for left footswitch mode: B for Volume Boost, or D for Distortion increase.
LEVEL – Trim pot for amount of Boost or Distortion from left footswitch
VOL – Overall volume of output of blended signal

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Product Description

Completely new circuit designed from the ground up for bass guitar. It delivers mild to medium to heavy distortion, overdrive and fuzz with control over the frequency spectrum. The Laser Cannon provides a powerful and versatile distortion system for bassists who want control, versatility, and tone in any genre.  Works in live performance before the Amp, used as pre-amp direct into a power amp or powered speaker cabinet, or direct into a mixing console or recording interface. This product is now in production and shipping is immediate. Special limited time price on current batch. This is product is wait listed as of March 6th 2015. We expect new shipments during next month April, 2015. Orders will be shipped in the order they were made.


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