Reamp bass effects using Daring Audio pedals

We designed our line of pedals with common PAD switch on the front, with an indicator light for a few reasons

  1. Allow for high headroom, super clean signals even with really loud active pickup basses, like Status Brand from UK
  2. .

  3. Allow for reamping of pre-existing dry bass tracks to give them sweet new sounds
  4. Allow switching of basses during performance and handle active/passive bass levels with a switch
  5. Give a wider range of distortion or overdrive amounts for any single instrument input

For the Reamping path very simple:
Take a common TRS cable. Plug the balanced end into the output signal from your DAW or audio interface playing back that pre-recorded bass track.  Take the TIP end of the cable and plug it into any Daring Audio Pedal.  Turn the PAD on, which gives a 9dB cut. Keep the Volume low at first and turn it  up to compensate for the input gain reduction, and match the desired input level for the “processed” track after reamping.  You don’t even need to keep the original track because with Daring Audio designs, you can blend the amount of original signal and effected signal right within the pedal, and print that back to the recording unit (or software) for your DAW.

So, you can spice up old recordings with out needing a separate reamping circuit or amp, just go right through the pedal using this technique. Here is a video showing a demo from a directly recorded dry bass track and ways you can use the Laser Cannon in the studio to change the sound, texture and drive to get more classic, crunchy or even nasty bass tones, without retracking bass!

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