How did the Laser Cannon HD get it’s diagram design?

Many people have asked us how did the Laser Cannon, and Laser Cannon HD get it’s diagram design on the top surface of the box?

feynmandiagram-20111229T010027-6s9u3gh feynman-diagram-tattoo-1

Well essentially, it’s a customized version of a Feynman Diagram developed in 1948 as a technique to communicate and track sub atomic particles. This tool contributed to broader understanding of quantum mechanics and particle physics in general.  Even today, quantum mechanics is described as the “most successful scientific theory of mankind” — because of it’s immensely broad applications from understanding and developing technology from semiconductors used in computing and communications equipment, from mainframes to iphones, and to the development of laser communications and spectrum analysis of images from space.


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For you die hard scientists who want a deeper story, here it is. ,
Feynman online Community


Wikipedia article


Richard P Feynman was consider one of the top, if not the top scientist born in America.  And he played bongos and had a great, sophisticated sense of humor.





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