Some people call these user guides, operation manuals, instructions, etc. The newer PDF versions have User Settings Templates allowing easy notes on favorite settings and your private names for them.

WARNING: Please make sure you use only DC adapters that are supported. Using the wrong electrical power adaptor can damage the pedal.  It must be center negative AC input to DC 9V output, and have at least 50 milliamps per pedal.  If you power a large set of pedals from a single adaptor, keep in mind that the milliamps per pedal drops as it is shared across all powered pedals. Please read the other warnings in the PDF manuals appropriate to your unit before using it. Note we have stopped shipping with batteries in the box due to increase regulations about shipping batteries, especially when connected to small dangerous scientific devices. You can imagine what it looks like in X-ray scanning image.

Download Laser Cannon HD Manual (PDF) New!

Link to Laser Cannon HD online Manual 

, . Download Edge Activator HD Manual (PDF) UPDATED!

Quick Setup Guide for the New Edge Activator HD

. Download Phat Beam Manual (PDF) UPDATED!

Download Laser Cannon Manual V1 (2o12)

Download Particle Beam Manual V2 (2012)

Download Particle Beam Manual V1 (2011)