Daring Artist Videos

Jarad May “What does this Edge Activator thing do again? Oh yeah, Amazing”
(recorded with digital camera with cheap built-in mono mic that you cannot see)

Trip Wamsley “The Tau Particle” multilayer progressive rock, jazz piece: “No Guitars; All Basses”

Andy Irvine “Edge Activator” Demos on Different Basses
Trip Wamsley “A Celestial Activation” innovative jazz house bass layered song

Terry Law, our first contest winner, creates a educational demo video using his new Laser Cannon. Terry Says ” I used the Laser Cannon on a gig last night. I was able to “clear up the mud” by having the Laser Cannon on the whole time, Range 2 o clock, edge max, wave max, blend about 10 o clock.

From Louisiana, Original Song Creation ” , . Mons Meg” using our Laser Cannon, by Trip Wamsely, Multi-layered industrial Jazz instrumental…

From Copenhagen, Denmark,rock bass riff from using our Particle Beam for natural and versatile overdrive, by MarkoweDK