Bassloops – Spreading Global Bass

BassLoops is the place where bassists can submit loops, either with or without backing drum tracks, to allow other users to download and use them for free without royalties. To kick this off, we’re giving away a FREE Daring Audio pedal of your choice! All you have to do is send us a sample of your best bass loop (8-24) bars, make sure it loops correctly and email it to The contest is open now through Feb 28th, 2012. Comments and questions can be emailed or posted on our Facebook wall..

Who: Bass players, bassists, studio engineers and remix artists with bass tracks from any instrument (acoustic, electric, even keyboard samples)
What:  Send us your loop with Bass lines only for reamping through a Daring Audio pedal, or if you have one, use it first then send the bassloop WAV file
(Note: If you have a Daring Audio pedal, make sure we can hear the effect well, then mix it to have the drum loop or beat in a stereo 16 bit WAV file)
Why:  We keep your Name on the file, send us a photo and a backlink to your website, we promote it for you with upcoming press releases!
What we do:  We check your file, and post it on the BassLoops page (click the icon below)
What you do: LIKE the Bassloops facebook page and share with friends. Check back again on Jan 31, and share the results with the name of your entry, sharing will increase your odds of winning.  CLICK IMAGE

Rules of Entry are simple:

  1. By submitting, you agree that you wrote the riff, song or notes you submit
  2. There is no direct payment or royalties to you or anyone affiliated with your submission
  3. You understand that possibly thousands of people will hear your submimssion and maybe download it and use it
  4. We will ensure your name is on the file uploaded
  5. Files will be hosted on SoundCloud
  6. You have the right to remove your file by submitting a request with 30 day lead time to
  7. Contest winner will be selected by Daring Audio, and judges decisions are final
  8. Winner will receive a pedal of their choice approximately 2-4 weeks after the decision is posted, depending on location.
  9. You benefit from added exposure, future press releases, and ability to share your creation to friends on Facebook or other social platforms
  10. Judges reserve the right not to post entries for quality control reasons. But we like CREATIVE loops.
  11. Submissions may take 1-3 days to be reviewed (or reamped) before being posted on the page
  12. Thanks, that’s it.